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Speakers Will Address World Industry Demand Trends at TITANIUM EUROPE 2016

The fourth annual TITANIUM EUROPE conference and exposition will be held 18th – 20th April at the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference Center in Paris, France. Produced and organized by the International Titanium Association (ITA), the conference will provide a platform to gain insights into the European titanium industry and will serve as a premier networking venue.

Speakers will share outlooks on world supply and demand, illuminate developments on the ever-lengthening global supply chain, clarify near-term business trends, report on the dynamics of the titanium industry in developing new industrial markets, and identify the development of innovative products and emerging manufacturing technologies.

For the event’s World Industry Demand speaker panel, Eric V. Roegner, the chief operating officer of Alcoa Investment Castings, Titanium and Engineered Products; president of Alcoa Titanium and Engineered Products; and the president, of Alcoa Defense, will discuss “Innovation is Driving Growth in the Defense Industry.” According to his preview notes, Roegner’s presentation will be a call to action for stakeholders in the global titanium industry to work “outside of the box” in order to advance the use of titanium in military through innovation.

“Titanium Demand and Trends in the Airframe Market” will be a talk given by Wade Leach, Jr., senior vice president, commercial, ATI Specialty Materials. Leach will outline the market trends, the applications and how the industry is answering the growth challenge. He will describe how new applications for titanium will drive increased usage in the next generation of aircraft.

Henry S. Seiner, vice president, business strategy, Titanium Metals Corp. (TIMET) will present “Developments in Jet Engines: A Titanium Perspective.” Seiner will examine titanium’s history as a material of choice for the aerospace sector and provide a forecast that accounts for future challenges and opportunities for the next generation of commercial aerospace jet engines.

Raphael Duflos, vice president of metallic materials procurement, for the Airbus Group, will offer his thoughts on “Titanium Aerospace Demand and Integrated Supply Chain.” In recent years there has been considerable focus on the capabilities of the titanium industry’s supply chain to deliver consistent quality material that meets aerospace specifications. In addition, Dr. Claudio Dalle Donne, vice president of materials and processes for Airbus Bremen, Germany, will add his perspective on the titanium supply chain.

Michael G. Metz, president of VSMPO Tirus US, will provide an “Overview of Russian Market for Titanium Mill Products.” According to a preview of his remarks, Metz will discuss how demand for titanium in the Russian Federation is growing significantly, with overall demand expected to double between 2010 and 2017. Aircraft industry demand is the primary driver for growth, along with solid demand from power generation, shipbuilding, and general industrial uses for titanium.

Albert Bruneau, Executive Vice President of Vallourec Heat Exchanger Tubes will present “Global Trends Industrial Markets”. Significant volume of Titanium is consumed every year as plates, sheets or tubes by the Power Generation, Process and Desalination markets. These volumes have been fluctuating significantly over the recent past, generating lack of visibility and concern for all the players along the supply chain. Thanks to its long and worldwide presence, VHET has a unique understanding of the dynamics and trends of Titanium usage by these complex markets. Mr. Bruneau will discuss the key drivers of titanium consumption in the industrial market and provide an estimate of the evolution in the coming years.


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