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Independent Forgings and Alloys Host A Reception of International Delegates From The Titanium Europe 2015 Conference

Independent Forgings and Alloys were pleased to host a reception of international delegates from the Titanium Europe 2015 Conference, for a site visit to their forge in Sheffield.

Over the last decade, IFA has become a recognised global specialist in the forging of titanium ingots and the visitors came to witness firsthand how they do it. The key to their success and developing expertise has been the wide range of forge equipment which offers a fully integrated supply for open-die forged products from ingot conversion through to semi-finished raw material products. IFA’s experience in processing titanium ingots and billets means that they can achieve process conversion yields well above industry standards.

Prior to the tour, the international delegates were given an insight into the proud history of the Sheffield open-die forge by CEO Mr Andy McGuinness. Open-die forging within IFA’s site can be traced back to 1898 and the plant was a pioneering titanium forge from the 1960’s.

Whilst on site, the visitors were able to watch the forging operations at IFA used to press large blocks, long bar flat products and forged rolled rings in Titanium alloys.

Ingots from VDM, VSMPO, ATI and TiFast were in production at IFA. Many of the delegates who were new to forging appreciated the opportunity to witness the processing and learn how titanium alloys are forged and converted.

Plant working included a 1500T Press converting ingots, ring forging through both hammer forging and ring rolling, plus the SX26 GFM rotary forge making flat bar products.

Within the warehouse, visitors were shown a range of semi-finished titanium aerospace products packed for despatch: these included large titanium blocks for machine blanks for pylons and brackets, turbine blades, round and flat bar for machining into aero-structure beams and spars, plus rolled rings for aero-engine products.

IFA thank all those delegates from the Titanium Association who attended their site, and look forward to maintaining the contact with them in the future.


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