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Help Us Reach Our Goal of 25 Mentors by January 1st

A big thanks to the International Titanium Association and the Women in Titanium committee for financially supporting 25 high school students this year as they work on STEM projects as well as career and education planning.

After serving nearly 50,000 students across eleven countries by leveraging professional mentor support from 22 countries, we know the impact this funding and the resulting mentoring will have. Teachers are already claiming the work happening in just three weeks eclipses what typically happens in an entire semester.   Powerful.   Thank you!
Less than one in a million high school students in the United States would mention "Titanium" as a potential career area. They know nothing about it. This is an opportunity to expose students to what is happening in your industry and create logical career and education paths for the students who are interested. 

As we move forward we welcome additional support in a few key areas:

1. Mentor Recruitment:
We welcome all members of the titanium industry to mentor projects beginning in January.

All we ask is a solid commitment to communicate twice a week with your student and submit a 10 minute survey at the end of the project. You'll receive 24/7 support throughout the project with plenty of tips along the way to be successful. All of your questions and comments will be addressed immediately. We'll need mentors for authentic STEM projects as well as career and education planning projects. Every mentor is more than qualified to be successful on any project. 

To Apply:

Our goal is to recruit at least 25 Titanium professionals by January 25th - Thank you! 
2. Titanium Focused Projects:
We welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop projects where students are tackling real issues while leveraging products and services from your organization and its members. We have one project where students could build bomb-proof rain gauges that transmit data electronically to a state or national organization. That's just one idea. I'm sure you would have many other authentic opportunities we haven't thought of. 

3. Funding through Dollars for Doers and Corporate Matching:
Several of our current sponsors (Thomson Reuters, Merck, Intel, and Google) have what are called Dollars for  Doers programs where employees log their time in our program and then we receive a check from the company based on how much time was logged. There is usually a threshold that has to be met.  For example, once an employee has donated 20 hours at Thomson Reuters, and they take the five minutes it takes to log it, we receive a check for $500, allowing us to serve two students in the future. We want to work with sponsor companies and help them expand that program which will allow us to serve more students and spend less time raising funding. 

Please find a mentor recruitment flyer that we would like to ask you to share with fellow colleagues as follows:

Thanks again for making a difference.


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