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ITA Quarterly Update Now Available

The fourth annual TITANIUM EUROPE conference and exposition will be held April 18-20 at the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference Center in Paris. Sponsored and organized by the International Titanium Association (ITA; website:, Northglenn, CO, the conference will provide a platform to gain insights into the European titanium industry and will serve as a premier networking venue.

Expert speakers and industry executives will share outlooks on world supply and demand, illuminate developments on the ever-lengthening global supply chain, clarify near-term business trends, report on the dynamics of the titanium industry in developing new industrial markets, and identify the development of innovative products and emerging manufacturing technologies.

Members of the World Titanium Industry Supply Trends panel will include Sylvain Gehler, managing director, Specialty Metals Co., Brussels, Belgium, who will offer an "Overview Of World Titanium Sponge Supply." Gehler will analyze key trends that have affected sponge production over the last three years. According to Gehler, world titanium sponge production has gradually gone into a large surplus over the last few years through either increase of capacity or over production, with sponge inventory today (except China) increasing to a record level of over 45,000 metric tons in Europe, Asia and the United States. Weakening foreign currencies against the U.S. dollars have also decreased sponge prices compared to six years ago. In addition, the demand for titanium from the industrial market has been sluggish in recent months.

Graham P. Walker, vice president, sales and marketing, AMETEK-Reading Alloys, Robesonia, PA, will share his insights on the production of titanium master alloys. Following a short introduction of the production of master alloys and the current international supplier base, Walker will discuss factors expected to influence future changes in supply and demand of master alloys. Additionally, his presentation will touch on potential future challenges for master alloy producers and titanium smelters-all from a European perspective.

Nicholas D. Corby III, titanium product manager, ELG Utica Alloys Inc., Hartford, CT, will share an overview on the titanium scrap market. Corby's paper will focus on two main topics. The first will trace the evolution of the movement of titanium scrap from the scrap generation point back to the various users of titanium scrap, focusing on titanium producers but also including steel and ferro-titanium producers. He will examine factors that have led to this evolution, such as the implementation of buy-back agreements and industry consolidation. Second, Corby will explore advances that have allowed for increased use of titanium scrap within the titanium industry and opportunities moving forward, which could allow the titanium industry to capture a larger percentage of the overall scrap stream.

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