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Safety Committee 2-Year Plan
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 The ITA Safety Committee has historically been comprised of members from the melting side of the titanium industry who meet annually to discuss safety related issues specifically pertaining to melting. With the development of titanium powder production and other safety compliance issues, it has become necessary for the ITA Safety Committee to expand its scope of focus.

The committee will host a minimum of 6 Members who agree to devote time to Board approved projects/subjects with rotating terms of 3 years for 2 members.

ITA may employ a consultant or field technical representative to assist with projects on an as needed basis, as permitted through the approved budget.

The Safety Committee has agreed to recommend the following 2-Year objectives in conjunction with the general strategies of the Association, as listed in the 2012 Business Plan:

Disseminate Information to Suppliers and Users of Titanium Products:

#1: Including:

·         Emphasis hazards from existing published resources.

·         Outline where to locate published global regulations (See #2 for list below)

·         Report outcome of standards and compliance programs & procedures from other organization meetings where volunteers may participate.

·         Invite and host relevant speakers to present at US and European TITANIUM Conferences on appropriate regulatory or safety related topics.


#2: Provide online references where the public may locate checklists, worksheets, etc. to guide industry professionals through existing regulations including but not limited to:

1.      Published Safe Handling and Use of Titanium:

a.       NFPA (National Fire Protection Association 484 and related publications for dust)

b.      OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

c.       Other publically available sources

2.      Published requirements for the transportation of titanium products:

a.       CFR 49 (Title 49 Transportation)

b.      IATA (International Air Transport Association)

c.       Regulations circulated by other countries

3.      Published export licensing requirement:

a.       ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)

b.      BIS (Bureau of Import Services)


Note: ITA Safety Committee will not provide or undertake formal evaluation of best practices, or make any specific endorsements or recommendations because, among other reasons, such efforts must be driven by conditions specific to each material, use entity and circumstances.


Provide Referrals through the Titanium Resource Center

·         The Safety Committee will compile a referral list of industry specialists who may or may not be Members of the Association.

·         The Safety Committee may establish criteria for vendors to be qualified for inclusion on the list.

·         ITA will disseminate the industry specialist referral list freely for the purpose providing the researcher with consulting services related to topics of their expertise.


Note: ITA Safety Committee will not make any endorsements or recommendations. It is the responsibility of the individual receiving the referral list to conduct their own research.


On-Line Awareness Programs

·         ITA may establish on line awareness programs for public use based on existing published resources.


Encourage Safety Committee Members to Participate in Other Organization Standards and Compliance Groups

·         ITA Safety Committee Members will make efforts to participate in the development of standards and compliance practices by other organizations such as:

o   NFPA (National Fire Protection Association 484 and related publications for dust)

o   OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

o   IATA (International Air Transport Association)

o   US Department of Transportation

o   US Defense

o   State Departments

o   US Department of Commerce

o   Other similar organizations globally

·         ITA Safety Committee Members will collect published information from other organization meetings for distribution to ITA Members through the ITA website, Titanium Today magazine, TITANIUM Conference, etc. Participation in other organization meetings will be at the volunteer’s own expense.


Annual or Quarterly Meetings to Discuss Safety Incidents

·         ITA will coordinate regular meetings for Members to meet in person, video or teleconference calls to discuss recent safety incidents. The meeting will be considered private and meeting minutes will be written generically, not specific to the incidents discussed. The Safety committee meeting should be a place where the industry can discuss occurrences and learn how to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

·         When the committee meets in person, ITA will make every effort to coordinate a plant tour in conjunction with the meeting.


The Safety Committee recommends a disclaimer, approved by ITA legal counsel, should be included on any published material. The committee has provided their suggested disclaimer for ITA legal counsel review as follows:


The safety recommendations provided in this (material, guideline, web page, etc.) are not intended to replace applicable laws and regulations already in effect and that are currently being enforced by Federal, State, and other authorities but should be read as guidelines to Members of the International Titanium Association (ITA) for the reasonable and effective implementation of safety standards already in existence. ITA has not endeavored to promulgate safety standards, nor does it have the power to enforce and ensure industry wide compliance with the recommendations contained herein; therefore, in no event will ITA be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to damages to person or property from any use of the following ITA projects containing safety recommendations. Any information from the ITA or ITA Safety Committee should not be relied upon for any personal or safety decisions, and the user is advised to consult with the appropriate safety professional and/or governmental body for specific advice regarding the applicability, implementation, and enforcement of any recommendation contained herein as to any particular situation.


ITA Safety Committee will not engage in the following activities:

Collection or publication of Safety Incidents

·         Including news stories, reports, safety committee presentations of fires or other adverse events related to the use of production or use of titanium since the ITA has no way of verifying the accuracy or applicability of such information.

·         Specific safety regulations, best practices, or recommendations for the safe use or handling of titanium products.

·         Publishing a “safety manual” where ITA might be in conflict with existing government and other agencies that provide rules & regulations.


The Safety committee is requesting ITA Board approval for the following implementation tasks. Once the concept of the implementation tasks are approved, a formal budget request and project plan will be submitted to the ITA Board for further consideration:


Proposed Implementation Items


#1: Compile List of existing regulatory agencies and publications for ITA Web Site.

#2: Recommend presenters at the annual USA and Europe conference related to safety topics.

#3: Develop an awareness campaign (not procedures) which would include:

· On-line directory of existing published resources from agencies or others.

· Post existing basic hazard awareness on ITA website specifically for fire departments and promote this information through appropriate magazines, associations, & literature.

· Evaluate ITAR, BIS & other existing public programs to determine if information may be useful to disseminate to producers and users of titanium.


2015 Safety Committee Members (Alpha by Surname following Chair):

·         Robert G. Lee, Accushape Inc. (2014 Chair)

·         Jason Claes, Global Titanium Inc

·         Rene Cooper, Cristal Metals Inc.

·         Greg Holifield, ATI

·         Frank Marino, RTI International Metals, Inc.

·         Richard L. Mason, RTI International Metals, Inc.

·         Tom Schaffer, Schaffer Grinding Co., Inc.

·         Gladine St. Julien, TIMET, Titanium Metals Corporation


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