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Safety Committee - Introduction and Disclaimer
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In early 2015 the ITA Board of directors created an expanded member service with the adoption of a Charter for the Safety Committee and a 2 year plan for implementation. The objective of this effort is to make resources available to members and first responders especially of published regulations and data related to the safe handling of titanium and titanium fines.  You will find this information in the pages and links below.


The safety information provided is not intended to replace applicable laws and regulations already in effect and that are currently being enforced by federal, state, and other rule-making authorities but should be read as helpful information for members of the International Titanium Association (ITA) for the reasonable and effective implementation of safety standards already in existence.  ITA has not endeavored to promulgate safety standards or analyze the efficacy of existing standards.  The ITA does not have the power to enforce and ensure industry wide compliance with the information contained herein; therefore, in no event will ITA be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to damages to person or property from any use of the following ITA information.  The following information should not be relied upon for any personal or safety decisions, and the user is advised to consult with the appropriate safety professional and/or governmental body for specific advice regarding the applicability, implementation, and enforcement of any information contained herein as to any particular situation.  ITA makes no representation that it has located and listed all such regulatory agencies that may be applicable.  Each regulatory agency and published regulations list many references, cross references and sources.

Chairman's Statement

Titanium truly is a wonder material. The unique properties of titanium have fulfilled centuries old dreams and created productivity gains for society only imagined a few years ago. To the moon and back, watching a little truck explore Mars, examining outer space. The ability of millions to travel safely through the air has created tremendous advances in productivity, as have the computer chips of today. Both rely on critical roles played by titanium. We repair broken bones and regulate hearts with the help of titanium.

Each of us must work safely and responsibly.  The International Titanium Association is dedicated to providing information that may help you accomplish the goal of safely handling titanium.

Our legacy must be the good we produce.

- Robert G. Lee, Safety Committee Chairman


ITA Safety Committee will not engage in the following activities:
Collection or publication of Safety Incidents:

  • Including news stories, reports, safety committee presentations of fires or other adverse events related to the use of production or use of titanium since the ITA has no way of verifying the accuracy or applicability of such information.
  • Specific safety regulations, best practices, or recommendations for the safe use or handling of titanium products.
  • Publishing a “safety manual” where ITA might be in conflict with existing government and other agencies that provide rules & regulations.

ITA does not make specific recommendations regarding safety because the precise conditions are not known to ITA. The ITA Safety Web site contains a list of references and information. Producers and users are responsible for conducting their own research and establishing appropriate policies and procedures for the safe operation of their facilities and use of titanium.  ITA does not report on or comment about news stories, or reports about specific incidents as ITA has no way of verifying the accuracy or applicability of such information.

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