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Women In Titanium
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It was great seeing so many of you participate in the 2015 activities hosted by WiT!
Here are some meeting recaps for your reference:
February 27, 2015 - Los Angeles CA

Thank you to those who attended last week’s Los Angeles meeting. The weather cooperated with us, and we had a very busy 2 days in beautiful California USA.

32 registrants included 8 executive officers; 5 managers from Human Resources, Quality, and Export Services; 3 technical representatives; 13 Sales / Procurement professionals; and 3 high school students joined the WiT event from 6 different states in the US.

Women in Titanium offered a full day Fundamentals of Titanium workshop; an evening networking reception with keynote speaker, Mrs. Dawne Hickton – Vice Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer of RTI International Metals, Inc.; along with a factory tour of Space X the following day.

Fundamentals of Titanium Workshop
Taught by Dr. James Robison

The Fundamentals of Titanium workshop was taught by Dr. James Robison. The full day lecture provided technical knowledge of titanium design properties, procedures, products, treatment and safety.

The keynote address by Mrs. Hickton provided insight of the committee’s approved charter and initial 2‐Year       plan.   Mrs. Hickton announced the Vice Chair of the WiT committee for the 2015‐16 term will be Michelle Pharand, Director Sales & Business Development for Dynamet Incorporated.

The WiT committee will focus on many aspects of mentoring & sponsoring, with an emphasis on listening to what members of the committee want to see accomplished.

Studies have shown, providing more opportunities for women in the workforce can be an important element of an organization’s strategy for the future. It is no longer just about “good corporate responsibility”. Including women in corporate culture is also becoming good business practice.

Leaders in management are responsible for creating the atmosphere and overseeing the organization's diversity approach as it affects the strategy, risk, and performance of their company. Organizations who provide women with management opportunities may find themselves leading as a contributor to success with improved profitability in this global economy.

Incorporating women in the workforce is becoming an increasingly important issue for companies in the U.S. Many countries are undergoing profound demographic shifts. Employers are grasping with an aging population, low birth rates and global competition for skilled workers. As the baby boomer generation enter into retirement, many organizations will experience skilled workforce shortages.

One of the key goals for the WiT committee will be to develop a mentoring program consisting of long‐term relationships where protégés benefit from the professional experience of the mentor. The mentor’s main role will be to challenge the protégé and to guide her depending on her school or career aspirations. Mentors will be encouraged to inspire others, share their leadership skills, and offer their communication and interpersonal skills. Providing proactive career‐oriented support, improving skills, competences, experience and networks through a sustainable and trustful relationship is an efficient and powerful method.

Space X Tour ‐ Group Photo

Upcoming Meetings: May 11th:
The next WiT event will take place in Birmingham UK at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. A meeting, networking reception and factory tour of the RTI Tamworth plant will be offered.   Guest speaker Dr Susan Durbin, Associate Professor for Employment Studies Research Business School Faculty of Business and Law for UWE will share UWE’s mentoring project, aimed at creating an integrated sector based approach to the issue of the recruitment, retention, development and progression of women in aviation and aerospace.

August 20‐21:
WiT will be in Buffalo, New York offering a full day workshop, evening reception, and plant tour of the Goldman Titanium Scrap facility. Guest speaker, Ms. Stacie Stone, Goldman Titanium, will discuss the scrap/revert market and how aerospace continues to be the bellwether sector for titanium, helping to overcome more tepid business conditions found in other key markets such as industrial, consumer and medical.

October 4‐7th:
WiT will be at the TITANIUM USA Conference & Expo, hosting a meeting in conjunction with the annual ITA conference.
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