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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 1992 V1 - Alloy Theory and Phase Transformations
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A Study of Grain Growth Behaviour in Titanium Alloys-S.-P.-Fox

Effect of Stress on Hydride Formation-Keijiro-Nakasa

An X-ray Diffreaction Study of Vapoour Quenched-C.-M.-Ward

Effect of Thermomechanical Treatments on-J.-M.-Kempf

Grain Growth Kinetics in Beta Phase of-F.-J.-Gil

Determination of the Recovery Properties-P.-Roumagnac,-M.-Clavel

Grain Growth of TA6V-Nathalie-Come-Dingremont,-Elisabeth-Gautier

Grain Growth of Titanium and its Grain Size Distribution-Yoshimasa Takayama

Elevated Temperature Phase Stability of-Marc-Long

Estimation of Recrystallized Grain Size Under Continuous-H.-Ohyama

High Temperature Phase Equilibria in the-T.-J.-Jewett

High Temperature Phase Stability-S.-Guillard

On the Nature of Orthorhombic Symmetry of Martensite-O.-M.-Ivasishin

On the Ordering Transformations-Li-Dong,-Zhou-Jing

On the Ternary System Ti-V-N-A,-Guillou

Phase Equilibria in the Systems-W.-Lengauer

Phase Equilibria in the Titanium-Aluminum System-J.-H.-Perepezko

Phase Selection During Solidification Processing of-E.-M.-Clevenger

Phase Transformation in combined Alloyed-Stal-Ushkov

Phase Transformation in TI-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al Alloy-Wang-Shihong

Phase Transformations in a Near-J.-Bechet,-C.-Angelier

Precipitation and Hardening in Titanium-C.-M.-Ward

The Effect of Aluminium on the Phase Transformations-T.-Maeda

Relation Between Electrical Resistivity and Phase-Masahiko-Ikeda

The Effect of the B-Stabilizing Elements and Heating-J.-Sieniawski

Texture in Rolled Rods of-A.-S.-Shihmakov

The Regularities of Structure Formation-Stal-Ushkov

The Ti-C-N System and Properties of-S.Binder

Theory of Alloys and Phase Transitions-I.-S.-Polkin

Transformation Kinetics of Titanium and Equi-atomic-J.-Debuigne

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