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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2011 - V1 Wrought Processing
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A Comparative Study of Various Flow-Zhou-Ge

Effect of Interface Morphology-Liu-Jixiong

Effect of Beta Forging-Wang-Xioaxiang

Effect of Rolling Temperature-Xiaoyan-Li

Characterization of Hot Deformation-Weiju-Jia

Chemical Composition Controlling-Jie-Xu

Construction of Processing Maps-Toshiyuki-Akanuma

Correlation Between Microstructures-Yang-Huili

Effects of Deformation Rate-Qiang-Liao

Deformation Behavior Under Die Partitioning-Dawei-Zhang

Effects of Heat Treatment-Ma-Long

Fabrication High Homogeneous-Baoquan-Fu

Effects of Roll Poreessing Rate-Zhao-Bin

FEM-Optimized Thermomechanical Processing-Martin-Stockinger

Forming Mechanism of Flash in Linear-Chun-Qin

Hot Compression Deformation-Abdlaziz-Elarbi

Hot Deformation Behavior and Microstructure-Xiong-Ma

Hot Workability of TIMETAL-Vasisht-Venkatesh

Improvement of Attenuation Uniformity-S.-Funamoto

Investigation of Sheet-Titanium-Janina-Adamus

Influence of Isothermal Forging-Shi-Zhifeng

Influence of Loading Mode-Wang-Yu

Influence of TiH-Zhang-Yuehong

Microstructure and Properties of TC25-Wang-Yongqiang

Modeling of Deformation and Temperature-Meirong-Shuai

Microstructure and Properties of Ti-6A-Wei-Shouyong

Ordering Process in Heat-Artemiy-Popov

Research of Hot Tandem Rolling Process-Guihong-Qin

Pack-Rolling Process-Wenjie-Fu

Research on Microstructures-Chen-Bing-Gang

Processing Map for Hot Working-Li-Liang

Study on Chemical Composition-Yonsheng-He

Recrystallization of Commercially Prue-Ali-Dehghan-Manshadi

Study on Microstructures-Zhanghong-Huang

Solid-State Recycling of Titanium-P.-Luo

Study on Rotary Piercing-Zhoa-Hengzhang

Subtransus Deformation Behavior-Song-Hongwu

Theoretical and Experimental Analysis-Piotr-Lacki

The Advance in the Plastic Forming-Jiao-Luo

Ultrasonic Detection in the 3N-Xiaohuai-Ma

Understanding the Behaviour-Nicholas-G.-Jones

Unified Constitutive Equations-X.-G.-Fan

The Effect of Hot Top Process-Hailong-Xu

The Microstructure and Property-Ma-Baojun

Water Immerging Automatic UT-Guo-Yongqing

The Processing Map and Optimization-Wang-Ruining

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