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Career Center Instructions:


How To Search Job Openings

Click “Search Openings” to view all of the available jobs posted on You can search by keyword, location, category, type of position, education and experience. If you would like to view all available jobs then simply press the search button at the bottom of the form. Click on any job to view the details.


How To Apply For A Job

To apply for a job, you must first fill out your information and/or upload your resume to You must have an ITA account and be logged in. Click here if you do not have an account; it is free. After you are logged in, click on “My Resumé/CV“ on the right-hand sidebar under the “My profile” menu. In the sub-menu click on “Edit My Resumé/CV”. Fill out all of the information on the form. At the bottom of the form there is a checkbox called “I want to attach a document after submitting my Resumé/CV”. Click this if you would like to upload your resume that is in PDF or DOC format.


Next, in the career center, find the position that you would like to apply for. Click the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the job description. You have the option to insert a cover letter up to 1000 characters. Your resume that you uploaded to your profile will be automatically sent when you press the “submit” button.


How To Submit A Job Opening

If you are an ITA member

If you are an ITA member, you may post as many job openings as you wish for free. To submit an opening, click on “Submit an Opening” in the sub-menu of the career center. Please fill out as much information as you have available. You may also write instructions on how to apply/contact you and a description & details for the job opening. HTML is acceptable. Fill out your contact information at the bottom and press “submit.” Your job opening will automatically be added to the list of openings on


If you are not an ITA member

We charge $200 for non-members to post job openings on Please contact us if you would like to do this.


How To View Job Applications That Have Been Submitted

To view the job submissions, navigate to your “Manage Profile” menu. Make sure you are logged in first. You can find this on the right-hand sidebar under the “My profile” menu. At the bottom of the page under Networking & Careers, click on “Career Postings”. You will see all of the job openings you have posted. You can view the job posting by clicking on the position name under the “Position” column. You can view the submissions by clicking on the number under “Applicants”.


After clicking on Applicants you can see each person that has applied.

  • Clicking on the scroll icon will show you the applicant’s resume.
  • Clicking on the magnifying glass will show you the applicant’s application details.
  • Clicking on the trashcan icon will delete the submission.
  • Finally, click on the name of the applicant to view their public profile on

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