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Powder Metallurgy Session will Discuss Technology Innovations, Additive Manufacturing

Tuesday, September 11, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Powder Metallurgy Session willDiscuss Technology Innovations, Additive Manufacturing

Powder Metallurgy Session will Discuss Technology Innovations, Additive Manufacturing



A speaker panel on powder metallurgy will be featured atTITANIUM USA 2018, the 34th annual international conference and exhibition, which will be held October 7-10, 2018 at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The International Titanium Association (ITA; website:, Eastlake, CO, is the sponsor and organizer of the event.


Titanium Alloy Powder: Accelerating Demand for Years to Come,” will be presented byArt Kracke, the president of AAK Consulting L.L.C., who will review the differing processes for producing titanium alloy powder metals and the size and growth rate of the titanium alloy powder market. Kracke will point out that additive manufacturing, enabled by titanium powder metals, is developing innovations that lower cost while improving part performance and shortening development and production cycle-times.


Benedikt Blitz, managing director, SMR Premium GmbH, will provide an “Update on Forged Special Steels, Remelting and Powder Metallurgy.” Blitz’spresentation will highlight the recent developments in the world of forged special steels and remelted steels (such as nickel alloys and stainless steel) as well as give an overview about end-user demand and structures of these special steels.


Dr. Sergey Prikhodko, a professor at the University of California Los Angeles, will discuss “Structure and Mechanical Behavior of Titanium Based Multi-Layered Materials Fabricated by Blended Elemental Powder Metallurgy for Anti-Ballistic Applications.Due to the high specific strength of titanium, materials on its base are considered viable alternatives for low-weight armor. However, the feasibility of implementation is questionable when the armor parts are fabricated using traditional and pricy ingot and wrought technology. In his talk, Prikhodko will suggest a more cost efficient process of producing armor parts using blended elemental powder metallurgy (BEPM) of titanium-base materials and multi-layered structures.


“Advances in Sintered Titanium MIM Products” will be the topic forMatthias Scharvogel, the chief executive officer of Element 22 GmbH. In the past, titanium metal injection molding (MIM) and other powder metallurgy (PM) technologies were based on economic advantages, with lagging material properties and other disadvantages. The “Selective Beads Sintering” (SBS) technology is a development of Element 22. SBS titanium products are homogenous, repeatable and isotropic. According to Scharvogel, the titanium microstructure is adjustable via the SBS process, which delivers superfine grain structures.


Mark Tomlinson, managing director, Metalysis Ltd., in a presentation titled “Metalysis: Chapter One,”will explain what it takes to develop a promising laboratory experiment into a commercial reality. Since Metalysis was established in 2005, the technology has been developed from a promising proof-of-concept to a true industrial process, according to Tomlinson. The Metalysis process involves electrochemical engineering, where electrons are used to remove oxygen from a range of metal oxides to create metals, alloys or intermetallics, all of which are suitable for a wide range of end-user applications in aerospace, automotive and advanced manufacturing.


For more information or to register for the TITANIUM USA conference, visit the ITA website or call (303) 404-2221.

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