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Where did my ITA TITANIUM App go?

Wednesday, October 31, 2018  
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Where did my ITA TITANIUM App go?

If you attended Titanium USA 2018 in Las Vegas, Nev., you may be wondering – hey, where did the ITA TITANIUM app go? Or if you still have the ITA logo app on your phone, you were frustrated that it wasn’t working properly.

We hear you, and we want to communicate the answer to you as best we can.

We want to clear the air and share a few updates and information with you so you may continue to utilize and enjoy our app at every TITANIUM conference you attend.

In the beginning…
When our event management software created the mobile App experience for attendees, ITA did have a standalone app. You could download the event directly from the app store, and it showed our logo as the navigation icon.

The shift happened back in the fall of 2017. Your app may have continued to work through our Singapore and Seville events before the implementation of the final phases. The main reason for the shift was due in large part to Apple’s efforts to curb spam apps in the Apple Store.

According to the conference registration platform Blog, "Apple began realizing a large percentage of their store is full of duplicate and spam apps, along with many apps that haven’t been downloaded in years. Due to this, Apple is updating their policy on uniqueness to cut-down on such apps and clean up their app store.”

The end result:
The companies that manage ITA’s conference registration and mobile app software released the umbrella app, “AttendeeHub.” AttendeeHub is the app many of you had to download at the Las Vegas conference and will be the permanent location where all future TITANIUM apps will be located.

Now what?
From this time forward, all of the TITANIUM events will be located under the AttendeeHub mobile app. This means:

  1. Ease of use. The ITA registration system automatically synchronizes with the AttendeeHub mobile app software leaving schedule or agenda changes on the app seamless and immediate.
  2. It saves you time, too -- the best part about AttendeeHub mobile app is that users will only have to search for the TITANIUM event once on the AttendeeHub app. From that point on, you may view any TITANIUM Conference through this existing App.

If you still have the ITA TITANIUM Logo App on your smart device, you are welcome to keep it for historical reference – especially if you saved contact details in the App. Please note, however, ITA will no longer support the old standalone app and will no longer add events to this App.

A note about Paper...
One last item, paper copies of agendas - we love them too, but the moment we print them they are out of date. Even if we print them the night before, which is extremely costly to the attendees, something changes with a speaker or ballroom or agenda time, and it is impossible to keep it updated onsite. Not to mention as the programming grows the font size needs to be reduced to fit it all on the page. We understand the importance of printed copy, and we will make every effort we can to come up with a creative way to provide printed copies of the abbreviated agenda for those who request one.

Need Assistance Downloading the New App?
If you have not tried to download the App, please let us encourage you to give it a try - the latest version is very well organized and useful - we think you will like it very much!

We would like to work with you now to download the AttendeeHub mobile app so you are all ready for the next TITANIUM conference. Please contact Karina Graziani by email at or by telephone at 1-303-404-2221 for assistance.

Click Here for the “How to Download AttendeeHub” PDF

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