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About ITA
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The International Titanium Association (ITA) is a membership based international trade association dedicated to the titanium metal industry.  Established in 1984, the ITA's main mission is to connect the public interested in using titanium with specialists from across the globe who may offer sales and technical assistance. 

Working through our extensive membership resources, we seek to expand the knowledge base for the metal, providing technical literature and sponsoring seminars and conferences. For nearly three decades we’ve instructed thousands of professionals in all aspects of titanium usage. We look to educate engineers, designers and business executives on titanium’s superior properties and explain how those properties can be exploited to enhance products and services. We also strive to advance ideas in research, design, metallurgy and engineering, and serve as the leading forum to cultivate the exchange of ideas and support a diverse, dynamic, global industry.  Current ITA membership is comprised of more than 200 organizations and over 1,500 individual members worldwide.

Each year our signature industry events are the TITANIUM Conference and Exhibition held regularly in the US, Asia and Europe.  Executive Summaries and video proceedings are all available immediately following the events for public viewing on the ITA Website.


The TITANIUM series are premier international conferences you can’t afford to miss!

ITA also sponsors educational workshops and manages a variety of technical and marketing committees dedicated exclusively to the titanium metal industry.

It is our hope that you take advantage of these many benefits to allow the ITA to promote and support your organization. Make this the year your organization invests in becoming a member of the International Titanium Association.

Call the ITA for more information on membership, or visit the Membership Benefits section of our Web site to learn more about the organization.


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Information provided to ITA by you, or any applicant or member, regarding sales, shipments, or receipts is utilized solely to determine the appropriate level of ITA membership dues. ITA does not aggregate such data or use it for any other purpose. ITA maintains this information in the strictest confidence, and does not disclose it to any board member, member, or other entity, with the sole exception being a third party auditor that conducts mandatory annual reviews of ITA’s financial statements.

ITA is committed to ensuring that its members and the ITA fully comply with federal and state antitrust laws, which prohibit a broad range of anticompetitive activity, including but not limited to price fixing, bid rigging, group boycott, and market allocation. ITA also has adopted a special antitrust resolution that goes beyond minimal antitrust requirements and prohibits exchange of information concerning the price at which, or terms or conditions upon which, titanium products have been sold, are currently sold, or may be offered for sale in the future. This means that ITA will never share information regarding an applicant’s or member’s individual sales, shipments, or receipts, even if such information is historical, with any applicant’s or member’s competitor.

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