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How to Weld Titanium

Why You Should Attend

Any individuals wishing to learn how to weld titanium correctly or wishing to learn how to weld titanium more effectively will benefit from this workshop. Techniques will be discussed unique to titanium not readily apparent in other metal joining. The course will discuss various forms of titanium joining like Electron Beam, Laser, MIG, TIG and Plasma. Primary focus will be on the GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) or Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) method for joining titanium.

Individuals will also learn to deal with the challenges of everyday fabrication in the true shop environment. Titanium can and is welded every day in the open shop environment for the most stringent and critical applications and you can too. Join us for this 1-day workshop to learn how.

Course Objectives & Content

Four hours of classroom study includes instructions on the correct welding equipment and work area needed for a successful titanium weld, proper joint design,
anti-contamination  procedures, and how to evaluate procedures and techniques. Three-hour hands-on exercises will follow for a full day workshop.

This Workshop will provide information on the following categories:

• Titanium History & Background
• Characteristics – What is important for welding.
• General Manufacturing/Welding Processes Used
• Joining: Weldable Materials and Filler Materials
• Preparation for welding, cutting and cleaning
• Equipment to use, how to set it up
• Correct Titanium Techniques
• Welding practice
• Post Welding Issues
• Metallography
• Quality Control, WPQR and WPS
• Stress Relieving
• Safety

Welders should bring helmets if they want to work on their technique


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