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Safety Committee Update
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Safety Committee Update

ITA Brings Science to Safety

The ITA Safety Education Committee is pleased to announce that a small investment of $5,000 funded by the ITA Membership has been leveraged into a $450,000 study funded by the US Department of Transportation that will undertake a comprehensive examination of all metals (not just titanium) to develop a more scientific method for identifying which forms metals should be classified as flammable for regulatory purpose. The independent scientific study will be conducted by Fire and Materials Research Laboratory LLC., under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Buc.


Combustibility identification test methods are a critical first step necessary for all producers and users to develop appropriate safety practices.


Tests to determine the combustibility of titanium are critical inputs for regulatory authorities when developing and applying uniform standards that govern how buildings and equipment are designed and operated, safety of employees, transportation, disposal and fire suppression methods.


The Safety Education Committee conducted surveys of the methods used by members and testing laboratories. Dr. Elizabeth C. Buc, PhD, PE, IAAI-CFI of Fire and Materials Research Laboratory, LLC, a recognized expert on the testing methods conducted independent tests. (link to white paper is below). That research supported the assumptions that the lack of clearly defined scientific test methods could produce different results for the same materials including the potential for false positives and false negatives.


ITA does not develop or issue safety standards or recommended practices. ITA does take a pro-active approach in developing technical data to enhance the regulatory environment that protects our employees, the public and the environment while advancing the worldwide use of titanium.

Robert G. Lee
ITA Safety Committee

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